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Bed & Breakfast in New Zealand is an initiative by TrueNZ Guides, publishers of the high traffic TrueNZ online Bed & Breakfast Guide for 20 years.


Information for the listings in this special campaign site is drawn from our online New Zealand Bed & Breakfast Guide.

Listing on our New Zealand Bed & Breakfast Guide is FREE and does not create any other obligation. It doeshowever, produce a lot of traffic for you.

The average listing is seen some 10,000 times a year and receives an average of just over 500 referrals to the property’s own website.

To join our Bed & Breakfast in New Zealand  special campaign site your first step is to set up a listing in our TrueNZ New Zealand Bed & Breakfast Guide.

If you are already listed with TrueNZ please click here

Not already listed? No problem, it’s very easy to do, all done online starting here: Start listing


The specific purpose of this site is to be the landing page for the extensive online advertising TrueNZ is running to:

  • Bring B&B style accommodation to the attention of New Zealand travellers;
  • To generate bookings from the domestic travel market;
  • To draw the distinction between "Real" B&B style accommodation and what has become known as "AirBnBs"

Our campaign does produce results! We know this from campaigns we have already run.


There is a cost to participate in our campaign.

We’ve kept it modest though at $17.50 per month per property. To minimise our own costs, monthly subs can only be paid by bank direct debit. Alternatively a single contribution paid in advance is fine. We’ll bill you when you’re all set to go.

NZ B&Bs is owned and operated by TrueNZ Guides, creators of the SMART Guest Management System

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